Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meet Jay Inslee
Have a drink with him after school and with your local legislators.  

FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2012
3:30 pm to 6:00 pm
(Program  from 4:30pm to 5:15)

5030 208TH STREET SW, Suite A
Lynnwood, WA  98036

What could be better on a Friday after school than having a drink with our next Governor?  And with our local legislators who support educators, public education, and unions.  Thirsty yet?

Join us at this cool local brewery and bring your colleagues!  Hear Jay speak, chat with him informally, take a photo, and enjoy a craft beer with friends and other educators.  Beer and soft drinks are on a no-host basis.  There will be free snacks.  Jay and others will speak briefly at 4:30 pm.  

If the weather is goo (it will be, we promise!), we'll be enjoying ourselves outside on the terrace!  Check out this map link to Big E Ales, and you'll see it's only a few minutes away.  We hope to see you there!

Chris Steele and Denise Zender

Monday, December 5, 2011

Rally in Olympia

Denise Zender and Barb Cruz had the privilege of representing you at the Education Rally in Olympia. It was a sea of red everywhere you went that day in the Capital. Rosemary McAuliffe spoke at the rally. We then went to hear Mary Lindquist, WEA President, speak to the Ways and Means committee. The day ended with a candlelight vigil on the steps of the Capital.

Cascade Uniserv Council Newsletter December/January

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


SEA and SESPA Members,

By now you know we are joining together in solidarity on Monday, November 28, to “WEAR RED FOR ED!”

Our goal is to stand united against more cuts to Washington's public schools.

November 28 is the first day of the upcoming special session, and is a state-wide “Day of Action” for WEA members. Legislators will be looking for another $1-2 billion in cuts from the state budget when they convene in Olympia. Any additional cuts will tie the hands of education professionals and deprive students of the well-rounded, quality education they deserve.

We know how these cuts are affecting our students, and how the education funding crisis in Washington is tying the hands of educators. Enough is enough. The cuts are hurting our kids!

What can you do?

Please remember to “Wear Red for Ed” on Monday (and remind your colleagues too)!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, October 28, 2010


I would like to thank everyone who came tonight to hear about and ratify our new 2 year contract. I want you all to know that your bargaining team worked very hard to get this new contract. Here is what was handed out tonight :
1) Duration: Two year agreement (2010-2011, 2011-2012)
2) Work Year/Calendar:
a) Any changes to the work year take effect in Year Two (2011-2012)
b) Language will define work year as follows:
· Security: Student Days + 4
· Elementary Nurses: Student Days + 10
· Middle School Nurses: Student Days + 10.5
· High School Nurses: Student Days + 11.5
· Behavior Techs: Student Days + 4
· Elementary Library Techs: Student Days + 4
c) In order to participate department and building-wide activities, agreed to a Letter of Agreement that provides:
· Up to two optional days for those employees listed above (as long as there are 175 student days or less).
· To work the two days, the employee will meet with a building administrator to develop a plan for the days.
3) Compensation:
a) Salary:
· Year One:
Ø .5% increase
Ø retroactive to 9/1/10
Ø paid through remainder of the year, beginning in November
· Year Two: additional 1.5% increase
· Any COLA or increase provided by the State will additionally be added to the salary schedule as has been done previously.
b) PSP and Degree Stipends – Increase by same % as salary:
· Year One:
Ø .5% increase
Ø retroactive to 9/1/10
Ø paid through remainder of the year, beginning in November
· Year Two: additional 1.5% increase
c) Market Study of Hourly Rates of Pay:
· Agreed to include the school districts in King and Snohomish Counties, excluding Index and Skykomish.
· Crossing Guard/Student Supervisor (SESPA 1)
· Security (SESPA 5)
d) Temporary 1:1 Paraeducators
· placed on the salary schedule
· granted salary schedule credit based on their actual original hire date
e) Agree to Strike Section 14.1
4) Benefits:
a) State Provided Health Benefits Allocation:
· Increase from $745 per FTE per month to $768 per FTE per month for 2010-2011.
· Subsequent years dependent on legislatures
b) Eligibility for Benefits:
· Reduced the number of hours required to be eligible for benefits from 20 to 17.5 hours/week
c) Insurance pooling will take place annually in November.
5) Professional Development:
a) Reduced the number of stipend days available:
· Year One:
> Pay rate for stipends:
* $27.50 per hour
* Overtime applies
> Eliminate one professional development day (stipend)
· Year Two:
> Pay rate for stipend:
* $27.50 per hour
* Overtime applies
> Eliminate the self-directed professional development day (stipend)
> One professional development day will remain
b) No change to eligibility for stipend:
· Employees who work greater than 3 hours are eligible for six hour stipend(s)
· Employees who work 3 hours or less are eligible for three hour stipend(s)
6) Leaves:
a) Sick Leave: Aligned language with SEA contract, expanding allowable uses
b) Personal Leave:
· Employees can cash out the difference between the number of days used and the allocation of three days:
> $11.00/hr in 2010-2011
> $12.00/hr beginning in 2011-2012
· Must request cashout by June 30
Section 20.4.3
An employee who uses less than the equivalent of three (3) days personal leave in a given school year may cash out the difference between the number of days used and the allocation of three (3) days at the rate of $11.00 dollars per hour, and beginning in 2011-2012 at the rate of $12.00 per hour. All personal leave cash out requests must be submitted to Payroll by June 30. Compensation for personal leave cash out will be included in the employee’s August paycheck. Personal leave cash out will be prorated for an employee who separates from employment before the end of the employee’s work year.
7) Updates & Cleanups:
a) Mobility Assistants: Clarified assignment of temporary hours to those whose schedules allow
b) Evaluation Timeline: Increased the timeline for an employee to respond to the evaluation (from 14 to 30 days)
c) Clarified vacation carry-over: May not exceed fifteen days
d) Clarified timelines for reclassifications
e) Incorporated attachment regarding catheterization into the CBA
f) Updated VEBA attachments

Sunday, October 24, 2010

General Membership Meeting 10/28/10

Dear SESPA members,
We will have our general membership meeting on Thursday 10/28 @ 4:30pm @ Parkwood Elementary in the Gym, Parkwood is on the corner of 155th and Wallingford.
Please come, we will be letting you know about the Tenetative Agreement with the District and to vote whether or not to ratify it.
Thanks and see you there...
Rose Ann and Chris

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Dear SESPA members,

We have a tentative agreement!!!!!! We will have a General membership to explain and vote on ratifying a new contract on 10/28/10 Metting place TBD @ 4:30 pm

Your bargaining team has worked very hard!!!