Wednesday, November 23, 2011


SEA and SESPA Members,

By now you know we are joining together in solidarity on Monday, November 28, to “WEAR RED FOR ED!”

Our goal is to stand united against more cuts to Washington's public schools.

November 28 is the first day of the upcoming special session, and is a state-wide “Day of Action” for WEA members. Legislators will be looking for another $1-2 billion in cuts from the state budget when they convene in Olympia. Any additional cuts will tie the hands of education professionals and deprive students of the well-rounded, quality education they deserve.

We know how these cuts are affecting our students, and how the education funding crisis in Washington is tying the hands of educators. Enough is enough. The cuts are hurting our kids!

What can you do?

Please remember to “Wear Red for Ed” on Monday (and remind your colleagues too)!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!