Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The District asked for more time. It didn't matter!

The District asked the bargaining team last week to give them until today Tuesday, so they could go back to the school board to ask for more parameters for bargaining. After meeting with the District today, we did not see any new positive movement from the District. The SESPA and District Teams did not reach agreement on a new contract. The existing contract continues and must be followed. Both the district and SESPA must continue to bargain in good faith. Our next session is scheduled for September 30. In the meantime, please continue to support the SESPA bargain by refusing to engage in any volunteer work as a District employee. We ask that you work to contract and follow through on the activities voted upon by the SESPA membership.

Your Bargaining Team

Friday, August 27, 2010

....and bargaining continues....

As of August 27, 2010 we still do not have a Tentative Agreement. The District is continuing to insist on $66,433 in work year cuts to Behavior Techs, Securty Guards, Library Techs and Nurses. This figure is .07 percent of the District’s budget of $86 million in expenditures. The SESPA Team is incredulous that the District continues to delay settlement over $66, 433.

The District has asked for additional time to prepare a response to the Association’s latest proposal. The teams meet again on Tuesday August 31 at 3:00pm. There will be no ratification meeting on August 31.

The membership vote on August 26 remains in effect. Unless you hear of a Tentative Agreement on September 1, ALL bargaining support activities will continue. Check your home e-mails and the SESPA blog for the latest news.

Thanks for your continuing Support!
Your Bargaining Team

Thursday, August 26, 2010

General Meeting today 8/26/10

Thank you to all of you who attended the meeting today.
A special thanks to all of you who dug deep and brought school supplies to give to the Back to School Consortium. We know that some of our own members will benefit from your generosity as they have to get help with what they cannot afford.

As you are aware our membership PASSED with a 98.3% 'yes' vote to a motion to :"We support our SESPA Bargaining Team. If the District and SESPA bargaining teams do not reach a Tentative Agreement by August 31, 2010, we willl take whatever actions are needed to help our Team achieve a satisfactory resolution to contract negotiations."

The Bargaining Team really appreciates your support. We will do our very best to try to get a Tentative Agreement before August 31 so that we can have a smooth start to the school year. Please keep August 31 on your calendar. We have tentatively scheduled a membership meeting at the Shorecrest Theater for what we hope to be a ratification of a new Contract.

Informational picket signs will be available in front of the Shoreline Center, starting at 9 am on 8/27, for those who wish to hold a vigil outside in support of the bargain.
Please wear Black on 8/27, wear your SESPA "Respect" button, and place your car sign in the window for all to see.
Continue to email the Superintendent and School Board members to urge them to direct the District Team to bargain in good faith with SESPA.


We hear what our members are saying!

Thank you for all of your support,

Your Bargaining Team

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reminder of General Membership Meeting

Thank you to all of the SESPA and SEA members who took the time to attend the SESPA Rally and School Board meeting on August 23. Your presence and your comments had an impact. The District has agreed to schedule a bargaining session for Friday, August 27 with a new mediator. Our Team is ready and willing to try again to resolve our contract issues and bring you a decent Contract before the start of the school year.

SESPA will still have a General Membership Meeting on Thursday, August 26, at 5:00 PM at the Shorecrest Theater. Be there to support your Team and to be part of the decision-making. We need everyone’s voice.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SESPA Bargaining Update


Thank you to all of the SESPA and SEA members who took the time to attend the SESPA Rally and School Board meeting on August 23. Your presence and your comments had an impact. The District has agreed to schedule a bargaining session for Friday, August 27 with a new mediator. Our Team is ready and willing to try again to resolve our contract issues and bring you a decent Contract before the start of the school year.

In the meantime, all Bargaining Support Committee members and Bargaining Team members need to meet at the Parkwood Library at 5 PM on Wednesday, August 25. We will plan the details for the membership meeting.

SESPA will still have a General Membership Meeting on Thursday, August 26, at 5:00 PM at the Shorecrest Theater. Be there to support your Team and to be part of the decision-making. We need everyone’s voice.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thanks for coming tonight

Thanks to everyone who showed up today for the Rally and School board meeting!!!
Now is the time to stand up and show the district you are willing to fight for your jobs and your future... Join us at the General Membership meeting on Thursday @ 5:00pm at the Shorecrest Theatre.
Don't forget to bring your donations for the Back to School Consortium.
YOUR Union Presidents.

General Membership Meeting on 8/26@ 5:00pm

Our General membership meeting will be held on 8/26 @ 5:00pm At the Shorecrest Theatre
It is imperative that you all be there. We dot not have a contract settlement
Your Co- Presidents
Rose Ann Mclaughlin
Barb Cruz
Chris Steele

Sunday, August 22, 2010

District Delays SESPA Bargain


The parties bargained on August 21-22 until 4:00 am and were not able to reach agreement on a new SESPA Contract. The SESPA Team remained strong in our advocacy for members' financial survival and our commitment to providing quality services to students and quality support for our certificated colleagues. We continue to insist on meaningful, paid professional development opportunities for our members.

SESPA Bargainers asked for another bargaining session as soon as possible. The District Team claims that they cannot bargain until September 10. If they really Respected and Valued SESPA employees, they would bargain with us right away and settle the Contract before school starts. Their delay is unacceptable!

Tell the District to stop stonewalling. Tell them we need a Fair Contract and we need one before school starts. Come to the Rally on Monday, August 23 at 4:30 PM at the Shoreline Center. Support the SESPA Team.

All SESPA members must attend the membership meeting on August 26 at 5 PM. We are moving the meeting away from the Shoreline Center and will announce the location shortly.

SESPA - It is time to stand up and demand that your roles be respected and valued by Shoreline.

Your SESPA Bargaining Team

Friday, August 20, 2010

meeting for the parade

Anyone going to the Shoreline Parade, meet at 10:45am in front of Ridgecrest,
160th and 10th NE.
Thanks for your support


Hi SESPA followers!
Little progress was made today at the bargaining table. Your SESPA team keeps pushing as hard as we can to address the issues made by our members. Please support our efforts on your behalf by attending the rally @ 4:30pm and the 5:30 school board meeting on Monday 8/23. We also need you to attend the General membership meeting on Thursday 8/26 @ 5:00pm in the Spartan room at the Shoreline Center. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL TO THE SUCCESS OF THIS BARGAINING. We REALLY need you to turn out for these events.
Your Bargaining Team

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Parent letter to the School District

Here is a letter from a parent to the School District

Dear Superintendent Walker: I am writing to express my concern over budget cuts the district is proposing that will have a direct impact on my children. I am well aware that the district is facing an unpleasant budgetary situation. However, I don't believe that at any time since the legislative session ended has the district asked for feedback or input from the community on what our priorities are for district spending. As the legislative representative for the Syre PTA, it would have been my duty to disseminate and publicize information from the district asking parents for input on this matter. I don't recall ever being provided with an opportunity for parents to provide input. If there was an opportunity for this to occur, the communication from the district was insufficient. Surrounding districts held meetings and gathered information from community members and parents on how to deal with a situation that can accurately be described as a funding crisis. Shoreline did not do that. Now I have learned that two-thirds of the non-student days that school nurses currently work are being referred to as "excess" by the district. The term "excess" implies unnecessary. As the parent of a student with a life-threatening medical condition, I assure you that those days are not "excess" or unnecessary. When my son transitioned to middle school last year, our connection to Joni Wishaar, Einstein's nurse, was crucial to his ability to have a successful start to middle school. We were in communication with her after school ended in the spring of 2009 and held meetings with her prior to the beginning of the 2009-10 school year. She ensured that all of my son's teachers were aware of his condition and knowledgeable about how to deal with any potential complications. She made sure that each teacher had necessary supplies on hand so that from the first day of school, I felt comfortable that he would be safe and supported in all of his classes. This was solely because of the work Joni was able to facilitate prior to the start of the school year. If the current budget cuts being proposed are implemented, it will mean that my son will not have the support systems in place at the start of the school year that he is entitled to. I find it hard to believe that Einstein will be able to provide the level of support my son received during the 2009-10 school year if these budget cuts are approved. Had the district been transparent with the community about how it was handling its budget decisions, and it had held community meetings and welcomed involvement from parents, students, and staff in the process, then I would be able to accept any budgetary decisions being proposed. It is unfortunate that those being impacted by budget cuts were not given the opportunity to provide input on alternative ways the district might consider making up its budgetary shortfall. I hope that in the future you will consider welcoming input from the community rather than dictating what you believe needs to happen. I urge you to search for alternative areas of the budget to make cuts that will not have a direct impact on students who rely on the crucial services that school nurses provide. Sincerely, Kristine McLane Syre and Einstein parent

This is another reason we are fighting!!! For our students!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bargaining Update

Thank you to all of those SESPA and SEA members who attended our Coffee Rally at the Shoreline Center on August 16. Your support means a lot to our Bargaining Team. We loved the goody bags with water, snacks, and beef jerky that said, “Don’t Let Them Jerk You Around”.
SESPA was able to resolve the controversy over August work days for the current Contract year (2009-10). All SESPA employees who normally work in August, or flexed their non-student days to work in August, will be receiving a memo explaining August, 2010 work days. The District finally agreed to stop holding these days hostage and to let people get the District’s work done. We have still not resolved the District’s proposal to cut work days in 2010-11.
The two bargaining teams made some progress on certain issues (mostly non-monetary) during our mediation session on August 16. Significant issues still remain on the bargaining table – Compensation, Restructuring the Salary Schedule, Professional Development, Insurance eligibility, and our members’ Work Years. We bargain again on August 20 and 21.
Please continue to support our SESPA Bargaining Team by helping pass out flyers at the Shoreline Parade on August 21 (meet at 11 am at Ridgecrest) and attend the August 23 School Board meeting (meet at 4:30 PM in front of the Shoreline Center for a Rally before the 5:30 PM meeting). Talk to your friends and neighbors. Encourage people to write or call Superintendent Sue Walker, sue.walker@shorelineschools.org and email School Board members at Sue Walker, sue.walker@shorelineschools.org and email School Board members atschool.board@shorelineschools.org

Your Bargaining Team

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We still need you to show up!!

We want to thank all of you who came to our sign making meeting! We had some fun and did some great work!! We hope to see you at other events we have planned this week.
8/16: coffee rally for Bargaining Team @ 7:30am at the Shoreline Center.
8/17 North City Jazz walk. We will meet at 7:00pm on the corner of 179th & 15 NE. (wear your black shirt; "shoreline is in the black".
8/19 Bargaining Support team 5:00pm in the Arden room at the Shoreline Center.
8/21 Shoreline Parade; meet at Ridgecrest @ 11:00 we will hand out candy and fliers a the parade.
8/23 @ 4:30pm to rally and go into the school board meeting.
Thank you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dear SESPA Members -
 SESPA support to students, staff, and families are at stake.
 Student health, safety, and academic assistance are under attack.
 SESPA jobs and SESPA financial survival is threatened.
Please attend the following special events to show your support:
 Monday, August 16 – SESPA and the District resume bargaining at 8:00 am
 Coffee Rally at 7:30 am – 8:30 am on August 16 in front of the Shoreline Center to support the SESPA Bargaining Team. Join us for free coffee and home-baked goods. Get a bargaining update from SESPA.
 Tuesday, August 17 – North City Jazz Walk – Meet at 7 PM at 15th Ave NE and NE 179th – Help hand out flyers to the community – Carry a sign (we have hundreds thanks to our volunteers). Wear a black T-shirt (since Shoreline is now in the black)
 Thursday, August 19 – Bargaining Support Work Team meeting at 5:00 PM in the Arden Room of the Shoreline Center. Building Reps and Officers need to attend, as well as anyone else wanting to help with Bargaining Support activities.
 Friday, August 20 – SESPA and the District resume bargaining at 8:00 am
 Saturday, August 21 – Shoreline Parade – Meet at 11 am at Ridgecrest School to walk the Parade route, hand out SESPA flyers, and carry signs. Make sure to wear a black T-shirt. Bring friends and family members along.
 Saturday, August 21 – SESPA and the District resume bargaining at 10:00 am
 Monday, August 23 – Rally at Shoreline Center at 4:30 PM – Wear a black T-shirt – Get a bargaining update on SESPA – Attend the School Board meeting at 5:30 PM (probably in the Auditorium again). Your co-workers have made signs for everyone.
 Wednesday, August 25 – Bargaining Support Work Team meets 5:00 PM in the Arden Room at the Shoreline Center.
 Thursday, August 26 – SESPA General Membership Meeting at 5:00 PM in the Spartan Room, Shoreline Center – Vote on a new Contract or Member Action Steps. Bring donations of school supplies (e.g. pencils, erasers, crayons, colored pencils, tissues, spiral notebooks, folders, hand sanitizers, rulers, etc.) to the membership meeting. SESPA will donate the supplies to Shoreline families at the Back to School Event on August 28.
For more information, contact Chris Hofmeister at chris.hof@hotmail.com, Rose Ann McLaughlin at ramc33@hotmail.com; or Chris Steele at wwsteele5@msn.com
Check out the latest information on SESPA at our Blog - http://sespaunion.blogspot.com or log onto the SESPA Facebook page at Shoreline Educational Support Professionals Association. Make sure that your Building Rep has your contact information.