Sunday, September 19, 2010

Letter from parent to School Board

It would seem to me that the district can clearly see the value of these dedicated hard workers. What does not seem clear is why the district cannot see the value in keeping it's word to give what has been promised to these folks. Their job is extremely difficult and often thankless. Then to be told year after year we just can't afford to give you what you deserve but next year we will, then again same message the year after that.

I have a son with special needs. Most of his good friends are medically fragile. I personally know the value of these hard workers and they have had to compromise so much for the purpose of helping the district fix their budget problems. Much of the problems were caused by mishandling. This is pretty hard to take as a tax payer, and as a citizen of Shoreline, and a single mother! I'm also a bookkeeper and I realize what it takes to balance a budget. I disagree it can always be a cost to the support staff of shoreline schools.

We are willing to pay the greatest property tax around because we want our schools to be successful. Shoreline has a huge percentage of special needs kids and without SESPA staff, we can't serve the community!

On a personal note. Most of the support staff that have worked with my son have gone above and beyond for our family. They aren't just doing time at a job. They are lovingly helping our children learn life skills to allow them to be a contributing part of society in the future.

I sure hope the district will find a way to make a more fair contract before it comes to closing schools!

Thank you

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