Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dear SESPA Members -
 SESPA support to students, staff, and families are at stake.
 Student health, safety, and academic assistance are under attack.
 SESPA jobs and SESPA financial survival is threatened.
Please attend the following special events to show your support:
 Monday, August 16 – SESPA and the District resume bargaining at 8:00 am
 Coffee Rally at 7:30 am – 8:30 am on August 16 in front of the Shoreline Center to support the SESPA Bargaining Team. Join us for free coffee and home-baked goods. Get a bargaining update from SESPA.
 Tuesday, August 17 – North City Jazz Walk – Meet at 7 PM at 15th Ave NE and NE 179th – Help hand out flyers to the community – Carry a sign (we have hundreds thanks to our volunteers). Wear a black T-shirt (since Shoreline is now in the black)
 Thursday, August 19 – Bargaining Support Work Team meeting at 5:00 PM in the Arden Room of the Shoreline Center. Building Reps and Officers need to attend, as well as anyone else wanting to help with Bargaining Support activities.
 Friday, August 20 – SESPA and the District resume bargaining at 8:00 am
 Saturday, August 21 – Shoreline Parade – Meet at 11 am at Ridgecrest School to walk the Parade route, hand out SESPA flyers, and carry signs. Make sure to wear a black T-shirt. Bring friends and family members along.
 Saturday, August 21 – SESPA and the District resume bargaining at 10:00 am
 Monday, August 23 – Rally at Shoreline Center at 4:30 PM – Wear a black T-shirt – Get a bargaining update on SESPA – Attend the School Board meeting at 5:30 PM (probably in the Auditorium again). Your co-workers have made signs for everyone.
 Wednesday, August 25 – Bargaining Support Work Team meets 5:00 PM in the Arden Room at the Shoreline Center.
 Thursday, August 26 – SESPA General Membership Meeting at 5:00 PM in the Spartan Room, Shoreline Center – Vote on a new Contract or Member Action Steps. Bring donations of school supplies (e.g. pencils, erasers, crayons, colored pencils, tissues, spiral notebooks, folders, hand sanitizers, rulers, etc.) to the membership meeting. SESPA will donate the supplies to Shoreline families at the Back to School Event on August 28.
For more information, contact Chris Hofmeister at, Rose Ann McLaughlin at; or Chris Steele at
Check out the latest information on SESPA at our Blog - or log onto the SESPA Facebook page at Shoreline Educational Support Professionals Association. Make sure that your Building Rep has your contact information.

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