Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The District asked for more time. It didn't matter!

The District asked the bargaining team last week to give them until today Tuesday, so they could go back to the school board to ask for more parameters for bargaining. After meeting with the District today, we did not see any new positive movement from the District. The SESPA and District Teams did not reach agreement on a new contract. The existing contract continues and must be followed. Both the district and SESPA must continue to bargain in good faith. Our next session is scheduled for September 30. In the meantime, please continue to support the SESPA bargain by refusing to engage in any volunteer work as a District employee. We ask that you work to contract and follow through on the activities voted upon by the SESPA membership.

Your Bargaining Team


  1. Argh! It makes me SO mad! How can this attitude and pattern continue??! Thanks for all of your work. Stay strong...we are behind you!

    **Are there more pins and car signs? I'm in need of both!**

    Jodi Steele (Teacher @ MP)